About The Website


What are you doing for yourself?

Do you sometimes try to put an immediate stop to the negative thoughts and chase after the positive thoughts, thereafter waiting for a miracle to happen? If the answer to this question is yes, do you often feel refreshed thereafter or burnt out from all the fires you’re putting out and from all the happiness you are chasing?

Do you recall the last time you had some headspace, devoid of the dark colored cloud known as anxiety?

When is the last time you let the negative and positive thoughts coexist, in order to understand your mind better? Have you found it easy to take a breather from it all and look for a pragmatic solution? At the end of it all, when is the last time you genuinely did something nice for yourself?

The purpose of this website is to help me ask myself these questions more often, and to hopefully guide you, the reader, into doing the same for yourself.

Mental Health is rightfully receiving more attention, and knowledge of self may not always be enough to deal with it; however, taking time to cater to your mental health as you would cater to your physical health may be a good start.

This website is me doing something nice for me;

it’s my gift to myself, and I hope that my stories give you some sense of happiness 🙂

Would you like to contact me?

Of course you would; I’m delightful 🙂 but really, reach out to me via email at dougie.langat@gmail.com