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Eddy suddenly aroused from his deep slumber, to find that they were now close to Mtito Andei. This was much to his relief, given his disdain for night travels. He couldn’t wait for the finality.

Eddy had waited for this day eagerly for 4 years; the day he would go home, closing the chapter of high school for good. His 4 years had brought him nothing but suffering.

He reflected on the circumstances that led to him being transferred from Oyugis Boys High School midway through his second year. He’d permanently blocked that thought from his mind for the entirety of his time at Lamu; but if he was going to think about it, why not this one time?

This was easier said than done though; he reflected on the ghastly things that Ed and Edd had made him do. The things they were going to make him do before they had gotten expelled. The things they had done to him.

Not once had Eddy pictured himself as a thief; not just any thief, the type of thief that would steal from teachers.

That would prove to only be the second worst thing they did to their teachers. Nothing could beat that one time they broke into the teacher’s quarters and peered into Ms. Warutere’s widely exposed shower window. The sight of water running down his biology teacher’s body had been detrimental to Eddy’s impressionable mind. He did not then possess the will power to overcome the pornography addiction that would go on to afflict him; something that Ed and Edd would go on to use against him whenever Eddy wanted out of the gang.

It all would have gone perfectly if they hadn’t caught him masturbating in the box storage room. It would not have been so humiliating had they not decided to stay on and force him to finish what he started.

This was the moment Eddy’s relationship with the two goons took a turn for the worst; they were no longer ‘friendly’ towards him, they now imposed their authority on him. Inevitably, they went too far when they colluded with a corruptible teacher and made Eddy routinely pleasure the teacher every other two days at her teacher’s quarters, where she would ‘invite’ him in the name of ‘extra tuition’.

Eddy would never have agreed to this had she not put his grades on the line. She threatened to make his grades worse than they were at the time, something which Eddy would not risk. He needed his cumulative GPA to go up in order for him to be considered for the county scholarship to a university abroad, and he saw this act as a necessary evil.

Turning Point

When it all came to light, Eddy was overwhelmed by the sympathy that he received from all quarters.

Well, almost all quarters; most of his fellow students considered him a champion for ‘being given the opportunity to pleasure a female teacher’, They would not understand, though; how could he possibly expect them to?

So many issues came to light; extreme bullying, some level of homosexuality, corruptibility of teachers and low quality of education. Eddy had to take the fall for the school to be exposed; a martyr of sorts. He did not die for his faith, but he suffered great humiliation for it. Also, he did not necessarily have overwhelming faith in the school system; he was an unwilling participant.

Several rounds of questioning later led to the expulsion of the two boys, with the teacher facing charges for child molestation.

At the time of Eddy’s journey back home from Lamu, she had just completed her sentence; having undergone 2 years of imprisonment and a subsequent couple of months’ probation and community service.

Eddy reflected on all this as a tear rolled down his cheek. He was grateful for the darkness, for his neighbor would not see him cry.

All of a sudden, somebody taps him on his shoulder.

“Boss, si you put on your seatbelt; you never know what could happen.”

Eddy initially began to oblige, only to release the seatbelt right before locking it in.

“Yeah, you never know what could happen”, he thinks to himself.

Maybe it would be better if what his neighbor was alluding to would happen.

He sat at the front, right next to the driver; he was in clear sight of the road. The lights on the bus were as divergent as could be, which made up for the bumps on the road. Thus far, a child had run across the road.

What would a child be doing running across the road at such a time? Eddy was baffled.

All of a sudden, a donkey could be seen from far crossing the road.

This journey had all the bad vibes.

Eddy looked to the driver, who would doze off at irregular intervals.

Eddy then opened the 250ml bottle of Blue Ice vodka that he bought in Mombasa town; the first alcoholic drink of his life.

It may have been his first, but all the vibes that he received alluded to the fact that it would be his last.

Would it be his last because he would then go on to disdain the taste of alcohol? Not quite.

He felt it would be his last because he would never again be able to open another bottle of alcohol.

Low self-esteem, loss of dignity, lack of self-worth, inability to form friendships, depression, poor grades, suicidal thoughts; these were the thoughts that followed him every single day while at Lamu. These were the thoughts that even a respectable prefect’s position could not save him from.

It was all going to end tonight; he could feel it.

‘Might as well go out with a bang’, he said to himself, taking one gulp of the extremely sour vodka that was in his hand.

All of a sudden, a drunken woman appeared in the middle of the road, trying to get to the other side.

The driver immediately pressed on the brakes hard, and inertia gave in for Eddy, who had refused to put on his seat belt.

The other lady eventually got to the other side; and so did Eddy.

Being thrown out of the front bus window onto the hard concrete dealt him an instant death.

Many may say that inertia killed him, but the writer of Eddy’s script knew all along that the education system had killed him.

The script writer knew well and good that long before this accident happened, miseducation had already killed Eddy.

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