Happy New Year everybody!

If there is one thing I have learnt over this festive period, it’s that family always comes first. At the end of the day your family will provide you with unconditional love, which we all desire. Your family will point out your mistakes in an effort to shape your character, and your family will always be there for you as long as they are alive. Family is where you come from, and only can you know where you are going to if you know where you’re coming from.

I have always been a reserved person. I’d much rather keep to myself than be outgoing and charismatic. Some would describe me as phlegmatic, slightly melancholic even. Those are the defenses with which is how I’ve grown up, because I come from a small family. I spent most of my teenage hood and my child hood alone because at home it was just me and my mother, most of the times. Therefore the concept of relatives and extended family has always been foreign to me. That was, until these holidays.

Sometime last week, my grandmother passed away. As a result I travelled to Kericho for the funeral. To be honest, I wasn’t the least bit affected because I didn’t have a close relationship with her. I was actually gutted, but not so much because of her passing; because the funeral interfered with my New Year’s Eve plans. Unfortunately, they had to coincide. So my intended trip to Naivasha with friends had to be cancelled.

Contrary to my earlier beliefs, my trip to Kericho would turn out to not be in vain. Upon arrival I saw many cousins whom I had not seen in years. Uncles and Aunts who were shocked at how much I have grown. Even relatives who live abroad were there. It was sad that a funeral had to bring us together, but the important part is that we were all there.

The bonding, sharing and working together was something I had never experienced before. Why were all these people so concerned about me? What’s in it for them? Why do they love me so much? And most importantly, why do I like it so much?

I suppose that’s the whole concept of family.

By the time I left the place I had a completely different mindset. I went there feeling alone, and I left there having a sense of belonging I have never had, even with my closest and oldest friends. I have learnt a lot of lessons and values from this trip, some of which include:

  1. Keep your family closest. Never lose touch with them. It turns out that not everybody is opportunistic; there are people who geniuinely care about you and love you.
  2. Always leave a mark on this earth. My grandmother was like Superwoman, I learnt. She was full of love for her children and grandchildren, and fought for what she believed in, which was Women’s Rights and equality. And as a result, her funeral attracted crowds, most of who were of the female variety.
  3. Love unconditionally, and you will receive that love back.

I promised to visit Kericho again, and to do so I shall. Soon, at that.

I apologize for filling your timelines with sad vibes; I’ll get back to talking about Football and The Mighty Arsenal next time 😀

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Have a successful year everybody! And may your wishes and resolutions be fulfilled 🙂



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